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Steps to End Poverty in McPherson County was founded in 2010 by a group of passionate leaders in the city of McPherson who were dedicated to fighting poverty and inspired by the power that relationships had in that fight. For the majority of our history, STEPMC was connected with the Circles USA movement. Over the past decade we have worked tirelessly to build relationships and walk alongside people as they overcome poverty.

2024-04 - Angela.jpg
Angela Brunk

Executive Director

 Angela comes to STEPMC with extensive experience in the local school system having most recently served as a teacher in USD 418. Along with teaching, Angela has a passion for swimming and serves as the head coach for the USD 418 Girls High School Swim Team. In addition to these professional duties, Angela is deeply involved with the local community through service, including trail maintenance along the Meadowlark Trail with the high school swim teams and volunteering in multiple capacities for The Refuge Church Camp. 

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Jessica Smith

McPherson Coach

"I graduated from the Getting Ahead class of 2021 and became a Team Leader at STEPMC. Before joining STEPMC, financially speaking, I didn't have much hope in getting myself out of the hole that I had dug. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and also for the new life that I'm building on my way out of poverty. Outside of working and STEPMC programming, I have a toddler at home and I enjoy growing spiritually, cooking, food, art, music, reading, going for walks, feeding the ducks, watching nature, family time, and friends."

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Brooke Little

Organizational Development VISTA

"I'm a part of the 2024 Getting Ahead class, but have been following STEPMC for a few years. I'm 31 years old with 3 beautiful children, and a certification in Fitness Training/Nutritional Specialist. I joined this group to branch out in our community and be a productive member in today's society. I'm passionate about reaching out to others in all areas. In my free time, I enjoy music, spending time with friends and family, running, and fitness activities."

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Rebekah Darrah.jpg
Rebekah Darrah

Moundridge Coach

"I come to the coaching position here in Moundridge after being a Team Leader in the STEPMC program myself. After reaching a point where I was unemployed, homeless, and feeling broken due to years of trauma and poverty, I found a turning point and began to rebuild a healthy future for my family. I had nothing left but hope and the desire for a better life. Years later, I've completed some training, have found friends in my Team Partners through STEPMC, and have a deep passion for helping others build their futures into what they desire. I believe anyone can overcome anything they set their mind to. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies with my two kids."


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Jenn Burgardt.JPG
Jennifer Burgardt

Director of Youth Development

"I am originally from Western Kansas, reside in Central Kansas, where my family of four finds joy in embracing adventures both big and small.  I graduated from Wichita State University with a master’s degree in early childhood unified, Kansas Wesleyan with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and I am seeking a master’s in leadership and administration. My work encompasses 30 years of learning and growing alongside children, families, colleagues, and communities, inspiring lifelong learning while building connections with others and community."

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Stephanie Roan

Administrative Assistant

"I am originally from Central Kansas, and relocated to McPherson as a member of Oxford House Mitera. I grew up in generational poverty which included terrible, self-destructive cycles and patterns that carried on into my adulthood.  I joined STEPMC and graduated from the 2023 Getting Ahead Class. STEPMC helped me find the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" by giving me the support and resources to change my life.  My goal in life is to be an example of hope, because if I can change, anybody can. In my spare time, and weather permitting, I love camping and just being out in nature. "


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