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Steps to End Poverty in McPherson County was founded in 2010 by a group of passionate leaders in the city of McPherson who were dedicated to fighting poverty and inspired by the power that relationships had in that fight. For the majority of our history, STEPMC was connected with the Circles USA movement. Over the past decade we have worked tirelessly to build relationships and walk alongside people as they overcome poverty.


To end poverty in McPherson County one family at a time.


To walk alongside people until they are out of poverty.


STEPMC provides a framework for people to build relationships across economic and class lines. We form a community around those in poverty, foster connections, and create pathways of opportunity and success so that people can overcome poverty.

Our Core Values

  • People in poverty are the experts on poverty.

  • Poverty is a person’s ability to do without resources, and those resources are not just financial.

  • We choose to believe that everyone is trying their best.

  • Responsibility for poverty rests not only on individuals, but also on our societies, institutions and communities.

  • When we build community, we end poverty.